Social Media Marketing Company in Surat

What is Social Media Marketing?

Social Media Marketing (SMM) is an essential part of Digital Marketing. In SMM various social media platforms are used as a marketing tool to increase brand awareness of your website or business.

The main goal of Social Media Marketing is to increase audience engagement and interact with potential customers to build trust towards your business or brand.

Nexus Infotechno is a name to believe in among the top social media marketing company in Surat, India.

Nexus Infotechno is intended to deliver high results with our social media marketing services that is sure to boost up your brand awareness and generate revenues.

Social media marketing services cannot rely on one platform. Our social media marketing experts make sure that they will pick most result-oriented social media platforms relevant to your business.

Nexus Infotechno's social media experts in Surat are always engaged in developing new strategies for social media campaigns.

Social media marketing can help with various goals and strategies like:

  • Increasing the traffic of the website.
  • Building conversions.
  • Brand awareness.
  • Customer engagement with business or brand
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • And much more

There are many social media platforms, some of the major platforms that we work are:


Facebook is one of the most significant and popular social media platforms to connect and engage with potential customers. Through Facebook marketing, one can increase website traffic, generate brand awareness, reach targeted audiences and brand visibility.


Twitter has an inbuilt ability that can make your posts go "VIRAL". You can earn many shares, retweets and increase your twitter followers. Through Twitter marketing, one can increase their social connection, build brand visibility and promote products and services attract more potential customers.


LinkedIn is one of major social media platform most suitable for businesses, professionals, and corporates. LinkedIn helps you in building a brand identity for your business, lets you stay in touch with your customers and increase engagements. Through LinkedIn marketing, you can get great results for recruitment, product showcasing, company reputation and much more.


YouTube is the second largest search engine, owned and managed by Google. Through YouTube, you can do video marketing at it is the latest trend in the marketing industry. Through YouTube marketing, one can promote their business, showcase their products or simply share their thoughts and services. Through YouTube, you can increase the chance of appearing in search engine results with visual content.

Google Plus:

Google Plus is a social media platform offered by Google. Google plus helps you in connecting with new audiences, sell your products, customer interactions, build brand visibility and showcase your portfolio. Through Google Plus marketing, you can improve your search engine rankings, increase social media presences and build brand credibility.

Social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google +, Instagram, Pinterest, etc. are potential enough to increase your brand credibility and exposure.

Social media expert team of Nexus Infotechno knows how to efficiently design and deliver productive social media campaigns for your business.