Top 5 Digital Marketing Trends of 2019

2019-06-03 11:36:10| Category: Digital Marketing|

Digital marketing refers to marketing digitally or advertising your brand through various Social Media. Digital Marketing has a great role to drive traffic to your website.Top 5 trends of Digital Marketing have been shown below.

1. Facebook has come to head

Nowadays Facebook has become one of the trending social media platform with an average of 1.56 billion active users. So for marketing, it is the right place. Based on the report it has been found that on average, the like and share buttons are seen almost 10 million websites daily. It gives the potential to reach more customers and drive more traffic to your website. This has become the most crowded marketplace where you have to sell and purchase your products wisely.

There can be fake profiles, nothing is perfect. So always focus on your topic and target those demographics from where you can get traffic to your site. Per day total 300 million photos are uploaded which means competitors are increasing and they are engaged a lot to this site. For future Digital Marketers, it is really important to focus on their target because in some cases Facebook seems to be unsuitable for some campaigns.

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2. Instagram the leading source for Digital Marketing

One of the top image and video sharing app with 1 billion users per month which is now the most pervasive computing device on the planet. When choosing Instagram to promote your business it is important to create an audience who will engage in your brand. Much of its user demographics are under 30. This social media is very well optimized which make users very easy to share photos and videos. 

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3. Hike of Chatbot

A Chatbot is just a computer program or conversational interface which helps users in communicating and supporting them to achieve their goals. Chatbots behave as a conversational partner and interacts with a human in a natural way. It can be used for communication, news, HR, marketing etc. It helps digital marketers to deliver key content ideas in a simple manner. In 2019 Chatbots have quickly become the effective content marketing tool.

4. Video takes it to the next level

As per the report around 5 billion videos are watched on you tube every day. This shows that how much people love to watch videos. For Digital Marketing video is must which can reach our ideas to people easily. People always love to watch videos rather than reading. It connects everyone very fast. So make sure your content is understandable and make a suitable video for your business.

5. Rich Content still matters

Content marketing plays an important role in Digital Marketing. Quality of the content matters a lot. Content should be relevant and it should match with your title. Users focus on easy and understandable contents. For promoting your business target your topic as competition is at its peak now. Target your audience and market your content to that area so that you can gain traffic.

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